The Opportunity

"Every day is an opportunity to improve the person you
are and be better than the person you were"

There are only two ways to make money in this world. You either start your own business or work for somebody who owns a business, Right? If you need to make extra money in this high unemployed economy I suggest you start your own business!

I feel very strongly about aging gracefully. I want to help others to get healthy, get stronger, and live longer. This website will help you!

I created this website so that the people I partner with may use it as a tool to help them bring others into their own business. You can give people this website address or my Facebook address by sending a link via text message or in an e-mail. Let the website do the work for you! I am ready to assist you or anyone you send to my website to get started. This website was designed to help you succeed!

The Supplement company I use is Youngevity. I have checked out the ownership, the integrity of the company, and used only this product line for over eighteen months before I put my name on it. I have developed a Facebook page, and produced some videos for people to watch as well as what you see here. Everything that I am currently doing is for the benefit of those whom I partner with. They can also use this website along with my Facebook page www.facebook/theunderwearguy to help them to build up their own businesses should they decide to go in that direction. This is unique in the business world in that it is mutually beneficial for everybody to help each other.

So let's get started!

Like Amazon, Walmart, and many big box stores, the trend in business is "Online Shopping". This is definitely the direction of all future commerce. Youngevity is on the cutting edge of on line shopping coupled with computerized network marketing which means most of our customers will be a result of social marketing (ie Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc.), as well as, through personal contacts (family, friends, etc.).

Youngevity stocks and ships the product to you and your people. You are not required to stock or ship anything! As in any business there various levels you can enter into which will determine how much commission you can expect and various bonuses or perks you can qualify for as you grow your own business. Some people just sponsor a few people to offset the price they pay for their own supplements. Personally I did not sponsor anyone for over a year because I was taking supplements for my own personal health and evaluating the results. When I got the results I was looking for people wanted to know how I did it and this website was born.

My job is to help inspire you, and others, that good health can be achieved through minimal effort and good nutrition to obtain maximum results!

Youngevity Products



PREFERRED CUSTOMER: These are people who want to use the product only. They buy at wholesale from the catalogue like we all do at a 30% discount. This discount is already reflected in the prices they see in the 90forlife catalogue. They cannot sponsor other people and they are not entitled to any bonuses.

INDEPENDENT MARKETING DIRECTOR: These people also get a 30% discount on all products however there is a $25.00 additional fee to offset the cost of literature and catalogs they will be sent. They are also eligible to sponsor other people into their business and they can get free shipping using the auto ship program. The savings in shipping will easily off set the $25.00 fee.

CEO DIRECTOR: When I decided these were the best supplements and nutritional products I could find and self-tested them for over a year, this is the level I bought into. This level gets you the most bonuses and return on your business. The cost is $499.00 and you receive that much in product that you can self-use. When you consider the business opportunity and what it requires in investment costs against the traditional type businesses, there is nothing out there that even compares. Nothing! You stock nothing, ship nothing and you get healthy in the process! It's a win-win situation. You will learn more about your body and how it works, you will have access to teaching videos, and you may even prevent debilitating conditions from forming in the first place. When compared to the price you will pay the doctors and the cost of drugs you will have to take to manage your future health, the price is miniscule!!

So let me ask you, how's your personal health? How many people do know who are in poor health? How many people do you know are overweight? Who do you know who needs more income? Answer: Almost everyone!

Let's Shop !

First: When you go into the catalog feel free to browse around starting at "90 For Life" and ending at "Shop". Tap on the "Shop" Tab to open, and then look to your left at the "Categories Section" and tap on "90 For Life Healthy Body Paks" Choose the pak and check out. Use my personal ID# 101517311 or my name Jon Tweedie if prompted at checkout. You purchase the products for the same price I pay though my Youngevity catalog. Simply click here!

Second: Decide at what level you want to start (see the above distributor levels). If you should decide to fax or e-mail your order click here to download and fill out the faxable Distributor Application Form.

Third: You can sign up and place your order by phone. Just call the factory at 800-982-3189 They will ask you for my ID# 101517311. You can choosing the starter package that's right for you, such as the Healthy Body Start Pack 2.0,the Blood Sugar Pak 2.0, or any package that appeals to your needs.

If you want to come in as a CEO or an Independent Distributor I would suggest calling in your first order and simply telling them what you want to order and what level you want to be put into. Or you can contact me by phone, or text and I will be happy to assist you. (951)634-5954

We are in this together... Welcome!

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