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Health is a very broad term depending on your age and circumstances. Being in the best condition that you can, reducing pain and discomfort through proper diet, nutrition, and exercise, and striving every day to make small changes along the way. For me it was doing the best I could with what information I could glean from study and most of all changing what I could and not worrying about what I couldn't change. Take what little you know and make little adjustments and changes along the way. I will guide you along the way and show you what worked for me.

The views and opinions I am about to express are based upon my own research as well as my personal opinions. I am not a doctor however I have researched information with those that are and have used this information to obtain the results I have achieved in over a year and a half of putting them into practice. The testimony on my home page speaks for itself.

I believe if you want to live long and be strong you have to, first and foremost, make a firm quality decision to do it no matter what it takes. Commit yourself much like an Olympic athlete! For me it took the threat of heart issues, the possibility of losing my ability to work, and function normally. Next I develop a plan. In other words, "Plan your work and work your plan". Then ask yourself, what is my motivation? Whatever it is, use it to drive yourself no matter what others say and you will be well on your way to success like me!

The key is don't hesitate just make a quality decision and get started today. Believe in yourself and be patient. Change will happen!

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