Diet means eating well!

Diet Insights

The biggest addiction in the civilized world is not drugs and alcohol it's food! Not all food, but food that has been processed containing sugar and other chemicals that are designed to send pleasure signals to your brain and body. In other words they are designed to get you hooked. Once hooked you continually desire them like candy, donuts, hamburgers, soda, or my worst "The all you can eat buffet"! Continuing to eating like this is will take its toll on your body sooner or later. This area was the single biggest challenge for me as I suspect it will be for you as well.

As a truck driver I lived a very sedentary life, sitting for 11-14 hours a day, day in and day out. Food became a form of change and entertainment, but through knowledge I was able to break the cycle. As I learned one night, listening to the radio, my cravings for sugar and other wrong foods could be because I had vitamin, and mostly, mineral deficiencies. (See the Nutrition & Supplement section) Once I got all my cravings under control I started working on weight loss and diet.

In my research I concluded, after looking at all the various diets, that there were basically only two ways to lose weight effectively, 1: Eat less calories than you consume or 2: Put your body in a state where it will burn your fat for energy without going hungry. This state of the body is called "Ketosis" .(Click on this link for more information!) It's all very complex but the jest of it is to eat Low Carb and High Protein, and avoid "The Ten Bad Foods". (Click on this link to view this list!) I explain this on my facebook page in the video section. www.facebook/theunderwearguy(Click on this link) . You will learn to be a label reader in regards to Calories, Carbohydrates, and Protein contents of all the foods you consume. This diet absolutely works and you will not go hungry! Be strong now, you can do it!

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