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This area is by far is the least understood and the most important aspect for good overall physical and mental health and everybody has an opinion about it.

I can't count the number of takes and opinions I've heard discussed on this one topic so I will give you mine. Growing up I, like most children, never heard much about vitamins except that if you ate good balanced meals you had everything you needed for good health. Of course it was not based on any knowledge or facts that I was aware of. I grew up at the beginning of the fast food era. Hamburgers, pizza, soda, milk shakes, and fries were the kings and still are. We all knew veggies were good for you but given a choice we all went for the convenience and low price of these treats. We were young, dumb and immortal right? In my early twenties, when I was broke most of the time, I knew instinctively I was not eating right. So one day when I was in a convenience store I purchased some vitamins to go along with my .39 cent hamburger and I was astonished at how good I felt. I didn't know why or how but I knew the vitamins made the difference. If you don't think they work, try looking up vitamin and mineral deficiencies.

Vitamins and supplements work period! I also believe they are the single most important key to good health along with diet and exercise.

Along with the fast food era came boxed, and bagged, and frozen TV entrees. As well as cereals, chips, soda, and all manner of canned goods. With everyone working, convenience, price, and good taste was the name of the game. Fast forward 40 years and look around at the people you know, how many of them are overweight, in pain, or have contracted one or more diseases not to mention the number of birth defects you now see. Modern medicine, research, and science has not slowed down the real root of the problem. It seems they can fix a broken leg but can only give you prescription medication to manage your symptoms not cure for the root problems. With all the corruption, the money involved within the health care industry, and in our food supply chain it is up to us to fend for ourselves.

It's a challenge to sort out all the claims about vitamins so let me see if I can simplify a few things. First we have to figure out how our bodies work. It takes a massive amount of education to really understand how our bodies function and to this day doctors are still baffled by the multitudes of ailments that crop up every day. So let's keep it simple, the further you go away from modern civilization the less you see many of these health issues and in some areas of the world people live longer life spans as well. I believe it has to do with what we eat, how much we eat and a lack of nutrients in the plants and vegetation we consume. Add to that the genetically modified crops we grow and all the additives, sugars, nitrates and chemicals that are put in our food. This is not the food our grandparents ate!

We are organic beings and we are composed of every mineral that the earth is made of. If we are not giving our bodies everything they require to repair and rebuild themselves they will break down. The experts say we need 16 vitamins, 60 minerals, 12 amino acids, and 2-3 omega fatty acids as a basic foundation plus some additional things we may require that come with age or deficiencies. That's 90 in all.

One pill a day vitamins just are not enough! Obviously they are not complete and only approx. 8-10 % of the vitamins and nutrients actually get absorbed into the blood. This is not to say they are worthless, any amount that gets absorbed will help, however like the plants we eat, if the minerals are not plant based the intestines have a difficult time absorbing them so a large percentage of the valuable vitamins and minerals get flushed down the toilet. I took vitamins like these for years until I had to make some major changes in my health and diet. I found a multitude of companies selling vitamins and supplements but I chose the Youngevity brand because I trusted them and trust goes along way. I plugged into Dr. Joel Wallach and several other doctors on line thru You Tube videos and educated myself. I then drove to the factory and purchased the products and used them successfully for over a year. I even went on a thirty day detox to purge my liver of poisons and toxins as well as cleaning up my colon. Wow, I dropped an additional 12 lbs in 30 days. It was like I rebooted, or reset, my body. I have now met some of the piers I listened to on line and I can honestly say these are the people I trust with my health. After over a year and 50 lbs lost I am still doing exactly what I have always done when I started.

If you are trying to lose weight, address an ailment, or prevent future health problems, taking the right supplements are an absolute must! Every cell in your body will reproduce itself approximately every 60 to 90 days, so I challenge you to get started today and order at least a "Healthy Body Start Pak 2.0", or If you are diabetic perhaps a "Healthy Body Blood Sugar Pak 2.0" to get started.

When you go into the catalog feel free to browse around starting at "90 For Life" and ending at "Shop". Tap on the "Shop" Tab to open, and then look to your left at the "Categories Section" and tap on "90 For Life Healthy Body Paks" Choose the pak and check out. Use my personal ID# 101517311 or my name Jon Tweedie if prompted at checkout. You purchase the products for the same price I pay though my Youngevity catalog. Simply click here!

My final word is from Nike: "Just do it" You can thank me later!

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